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It’s been one year since I started driving my Nissan LEAF electric car. The biggest adjustment has been getting used to the range which can be as few as 60 miles and up to 80 miles without recharging. I’ve experienced my share of close calls getting back to the garage charger at my house. It’s easier to justify the close calls when I count the dollars saved driving on electric power versus gasoline power. I’m making my comparisons to my previous car, a Toyota Prius, which did pretty well on gas mileage at about 35-40 MPG. I like saving money every single time I drive my LEAF. It’s been worth the risks so far.

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New LEAF logo
Excited about NEW logo for my LEAF. See ya’ll on the road sometime in San Diego.

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White Clean Air stickers are for low or no emission vehicles like my all-electric Nissan LEAF. Now when you see vehicles in the HOV lanes with white stickers you’ll know why.

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Just over 10 months after registering online to purchase a Nissan LEAF electric vehicle, I finally pick up the LEAF at Pacific Nissan in San Diego. Find out more at kerrygarnett.com or at electriccarrealestateguy.com

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San Diego Gas and Electric inspects my new electric panel for the Blink EV charger that will charge my LEAF at my house.

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The Blink electric charger gets installed in my garage. The charger runs on a 220v connection. It will charge my LEAF overnight in about 6 hours from an almost zero charge.

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Only the second time I got to sit inside a Nissan LEAF electric car came at the San Diego Auto Show in January of 2011. It was the first time that I saw the LEAF at the annual show. One of the things I remember about seeing the LEAF for the first time was the sense that it was a real car and that I could make it work for my real estate business and personal driving needs.