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The beginning of 2010 marked my third year of driving a Toyota Prius. I had driven just over 50,000 miles averaging close to 40 miles per gallon in my Prius. The car worked very well for me, and I liked saving money on gas. This was around the same time that I was studying for my California Real Estate license. I had heard that Nissan was planning to start selling an all-electric vehicle before the end of the calendar year. I’m a fan of documentary films, and I’d seen the film called “Who Killed The Electric Car” shortly after it was available on video. That film made a strong impresssion on me. I was very interested in the idea of owning and driving a vehicle with zero emissions and did not run on gas. The price for gas in Southern California was on the rise toward $4 per gallon. So I did some online searching to learn more about electric cars. I found the Nissan web site where there was a place to register to order and purchase a Nissan LEAF. The registration cost $99, and I got my reservation number on this day in June of 2010.